Prdoucts Scope and Range

Future products are mainly measured through environmental corroborative technologies, user friendly, efficiency and also smart value for money.
“Permanent change and ongoing development is the future markets leadership watchwords”. This leads to more intensive competition.

CTC focuses vividly on enhancing and fabricating special custom built machinery and turnkey projects. We’re also specialized in different technical consultations and integrations at chemical process design.

Listed here below, some of our major range of products and services:

• Reactors, pressurized vessels, storage tanks used in different industries
(Food, drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paints … etc).

• Mixing vessels, condensers, heat exchangers.

• Heating and cooling systems.

• Ventilation Systems.

• Mixers, blenders andagitators.

• Dryers and evaporators.

• Piping and orbital welding.

• Press filters.

• Filling lines.

• Automation and process control.

CTC Masterpieces

Size and shine alone does not shape our properties of an MTC Egypt container. The excellence of our fabrication is based on polished production techniques, which we have improved and refined through our field development.

Our efficient automation system is based on the precise planning and preparation of all production processes whereby even the smallest details are taken into consideration. Even environmentally sound protection is a factor incorporated into our designed product plans.

Our quality production relies on employing certified experienced staff as well as state of the art machines to work in a rapid and flexible way, even when realizing the most complex customer requirements:

• Cutting machine with an integrated detachable mottling units

• Plasma cutting machine and flame cutter

• Metal forming and Bending Machines,

• Grinding and Polishing Machines

• Several ARC, TIG, MIG and Orbital WeldingMachines

Welding Qualifications

Due to the wide variety of custom metal work we do, we managed to maintain a strong list of qualifications and certifications. These are needed to meet the ultimate trust & satisfaction of our entire client grid of governmental sectors and custom built requirements for major clients such as: Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Energy, ChemicalProcessing, Food & beverage, Pharmaceutical plants.

The high quality standards expected of ASME code and NQA 1 fabricators assure our customers that our quality is absolutely second to none.


• ASME SectionIX

• MIL STD 248D

• MIL STD 278F

• SAE AMS STD 2219


• Stainless: All grades including nickel alloys

• Carbon Steel: All grades

• Aluminum: All grades

Center Of Prosperity

In 2005 we obtained service provider’s certificate from M/S  SANDVICK Group to represent their service in the Egyptian market and the Middle East, after conducting extensive training programs to all of our employees and staff.

Producing the perfect stainless steel solution all the way from the abstract planning model required our consistent high standard of quality, through high performance production systems.

Our quality control monitoring starts with the selection of the most suitable materials and suppliers. The partnerships with our suppliers are just as long standing as the partnerships with our customers.

We want to contribute as much as possible to the commercial success of our customers.