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    DB Series – Diathermic oil boiler

    Compact Quality in Tempatures up to 300 °C
    The System OP Includes
    The DB Boiler
    Oil or gas fired burner (optional)
    Thermo – oil circulation pumps
    Boiler controls and safety equipments
    Electrical control panel
    To give you the advantages of compact dimensions, quick set – up and start – up, high efficiency, no typical water corrosions or scalings


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    ECONO x Boiler – Hot Water Boiler

    Liquid Fuel and Gas Fired, Reserves Flame Hot Water Boilers. Appropriate to 92/42/AT, TS497 and TS EN303-304

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    General Info
    They are high-quality steam generating equipment used in all industrial plants to obtain steam required for processing.

    Steam boilers with flame smoke pipes can be produced as flat ashtrays and hot ashtrays.

    Solid, Liquid and Gas fuels are used as fuel type.

    Eralp Makina Kazan In 2005, it is proud to be the most productive employee of Turkey with double economy working with natural gas (total system efficiency = 98,4%). Yield tests of our product produced by Yildiz Technical University and ISKAV Foundation.

    We have registered the efficiency by the independent control company and we produce TURKEY’S EFFICIENT employee bonus which is 98.4% of the total system efficiency with double economy.

    Thanks to Eralp’s expert engineering, our boiler efficiency is up to 91% depending on the design and the operating pressure. With our applications in dual economy systems ( water and 2nd water economiser), the total system efficiency was 98.4%.

    At the boiler outlet, an economiser is added to increase the efficiency by making more use of the heat of the flue gases. It is possible to preheat the feedwater with the economizer, to heat the domestic water and the combustion air. Boiler efficiency can be increased by 5% by utilizing waste energy.

    Eralp as our boilers; We are designing as Yandan Külhanlı which has the most advanced technology and provides many advantages such as better burning of fuel, quicker regime, best heat transfer and easy cleaning.

    We produce steam boilers with flammable smoke pipes with low water and high vapor volume, which we have applied on the side with a culinary design. Thanks to the small volume of water, it quickly enters the regime like water pipe boilers, the response to instant steam trains is fast, and unnecessary energy consumption is prevented.

    The absence of any pipe bundles on the coffin ensures the ideal cooling of the coffin and the unwanted materials such as sludge, sludge, lime, and the necessary precautions can be taken conveniently. At the same time, the passage of water into the vapor phase is easy and fast. In this case, the thermal stresses are also reduced to the minimum.

    The proper placement of the ash and smoke pipes in the boiler ensures unobstructed steam bubbles and constant water circulation in all operating conditions. ERALP boilers are one of the most important reasons for their high efficiency and long life.

    In our boiler design, the combustion chamber is kept at less than 1.2 MW / M3 to provide ideal combustion and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

    Heat losses are reduced to the lowest level with the use of specially designed insulation supports and high-quality insulation material.

    All variables such as steam boiler, economizer, degasser and condensate tank level, pressure and temperature are monitored from the operator panel and controlled by PLC software with optional PLC and color, graphic, touch panel operator.

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    OPTI High Pressure Steam Boiler

    Liquid fuel and Gas Fired and Spiral Wrapped Oil pipes. Thermal Oil Boilers provide 350 C Temperature

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    High efficiency – Working pressure 6 bar

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    SCOTCHmAXBoiler – Liquid Fuel & Gas Hot Water Boiler

    Liquid fuel and Gas Fired and Spiral Wrapped Oil pipes. Thermal Oil Boilers provide 350 C Temperature.

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    TEmPoIL Boiler – Thermal Oil Boiler

    Liquid fuel and Gas Fired and Spiral Wrapped Oil pipes. Thermal Oil Boilers provide 350 C Temperature