About us

Who We Are

CTC (Cairo Technical Center Company) is the extension of ElFania for Trading and Contracting Company which was founded in the early 1982 with the highest professionalism, technological capabilities, and esteemed capacity for innovation to manufacture products that lasts a lifetime.

Since its foundation 2017, CTC has successfully designed, manufactured and installed all clients’ requirements from custom built machinery’s, integrated production lines, stainless steel specialty tanks, pressurized vessels and containers in addition to boilers installation, repairs, steam lines Modification and expansion. Plus a respectful list of turn key projects handed over locally and/or internationally.

Pursuing the traditional policies of business collaborations with reputable international industries over the years enabled CTC a better market penetration in areas of strategic interests.

Partnerships with renowned local and/or international industries for knowhow transfer, supplying the detailed drawings and designs of CTC masterpieces (products and equipment’s). The key to our success is namely owned to our qualified and highly trained employees completed with their production expertise serviced and maintained with an efficient teamwork.

Therefore you are kindly requested to go through our attached company profile, in the eventual hope to establish and maintain a business profile with Egypt.


Pursuing our vision – we aim to:

• Acquire and apply the highest S.S. international standards is a major
characteristic in all of our lifetime lasting quality products.

• Provide the best quality products by applying the highest level of
professionalism and integrity in the manufacturing industry.

• Present advanced technologies through strong partnership with reliable foreign suppliers/manufacturers devoted to continuous development and products

• Maintain a level of customer service that will satisfy our clients.

• Developing our certified welders and motivated employees to attain excellence in their individual skills, responsibilities and capabilities.

• Ensuring that all actions and decisions are being made with the objectives of growth and expansion of CTC in a continuously global changing economy.


Maintain our market leadership position; for we are considered to be the
Egyptian industrial benchmark against which, all other local manufacturers compare their products accordingly to our standards.